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Moodle is an online resource that a lot of lecturers in Mary I. Through Moodle, lecturers can post various readings and assignments for you to access. Below is a guide to registering on Moodle.

- Open your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.)
- Moodle is available at moodle.mic.ul.ie 
- Click Create New Account
- Fill in the form – you need a valid email address
- Make a note of your username and password
- Click Create my new Account
- Check your email
- Click on the link in the email from Moodle
- You are now registered
- Click the module you are doing (Register for one module at a time)
- Put in your access code
- You should now have access to what is on Moodle for that module


Accessing Lecture Notes

A lot of lecturers put their in class presentations or readings on Lecture Notes / The LAN. Here's a guide on how to access them, whether on campus or off.

To access the Lecture Notes on Campus:

Step 1: Click on the Windows symbol in the bottom left (old Start Button)

Step 2: Type \\lecturenotes

Step 3: Hit Enter/Return

A new window should open up with all lecturers' folders. Navigate to the required folder.

To access the LAN (Lecture Notes) from home:

Got to: www.lan.mic.ul.ie

You will need to enter the following info:

Username : micstudent\studentnumber
Password : xxxxxxxxxx

Your log in details are  the same as your log in details for the MIC computers.

 Click OK. The LAN should open up. Click on the relevant link to open the lecturer folder you wish to access, the folder will open displaying any subfolders and files contained within it.

When you click on a file, you will be given the option to save or download the file, click save and it will save a copy of the file to your own computer or USB.