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Internship Opportunities at Hunt Museum, Limerick

The Curatorial Internships currently open for applications are:
1. Education & Public Programmes
2. Care of Collections & Exhibitions.

Information on the above internships along with application forms and personal specifications can be accessed via this link to The Hunt Museum website: http://huntmuseum.com/Join---Give/Internships.aspx

Please note imminent closing date of 23 January 2017.

Exclusive Mobile rates from 3

3 are offering exclusive mobile rates for educational staff, read more about the bundle in the promotion here.

Mental health issues at 3rd Level in focus

Today's Irish Times features a report on the increase of students' presenting with mental health problems in third level and an examination of services available in universities. It's an informative piece which gives a clear insight into the level of support available at third level and what more needs to be done, as well as personal stories of the current Student Welfare Officer in UL and advise for students with mental health difficulties. The full article can be read here.

Upcoming MIC Open Day

This Saturday, 14th of January, between 11am and 1pm, MIC will hold the first Open Day of 2017. There will be campus tours, programme talks and opportunities to speak with current MIC students, faculty and staff. Information will also be provided about the newly-announced entrance scholarships for 1st year Undergraduate students. The programme talks will be divided up based on course, ensuring that specific questions are answered by the appropriate faculty and department staff. MISU Sabbatical Officers will be there on the day to discuss the support and guidance offered by the Union.

Come along to get a sense of campus life and the courses on offer.

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