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As i mentioned before, a second year B.Ed student, Jennifer Foley will be volunteering with SERVE in Thailand for six weeks in July/August '09. There will be five projects taking place in Thailand this year and they are as follows:
  • Orphanage Support-children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Bangkok
  • Education Programme
  • Education and Development Programme for women involved in Protitution-Good Shepherds Fountain of Life Centre in Pattaya
  • Income Generation Project in the North of Thailand
  • Chiang Rai-Informal education with hill tribe
Jennifer has been fundraising for the past few weeks and has collected €1,600. Remember €1 in Thailand is equal to one main evening meal. She would like to sincerely thank everyone for their contribution and support. She would also like to inform everyone that she will be placed in an Orphanage in Bangkok for the duration of her time in Thailand.  


Gaisce - the President’s Award is Ireland’s very own National Challenge Award, the country’s most prestigious and respected individual award programme and it works on the basis of a personal challenge set by individual applicants between 15 and 25 years of age.They set the challenge for themselves and agree it with a President’s Award leader (PAL). Each challenge is completely individual… so the only person competing is the individual themselves.

There are three different types of awards which can be earned – bronze, silver and gold. The minimum age for the bronze award is 15 and is earned over a minimum period of 6 months. The minimum age for the silver award is 16 and is earned over a minimum period of 12 months. The gold award is the most demanding challenge, the minimum age for this award is 17 and is earned over a minimum period of 18 months.

There are 4 different challenge areas. To earn an award, you will need to participate in each of the 4 challenge areas. You might also decide to build on an activity you’ve tried in the past.

  1. Community Involvement
  2. Personal Skill
  3. Physical Recreation
  4. Adventure Journey
This year two Mary I students have been awarded Gaisce Awards, Laura Sweeney and Katie Ryan. Laura Sweeney was assisted through her challenge by her PAL (President's Award Leader) Louise Quinn and Katie Ryan was assisted by her PAL, Fr. Michael Wall. The Presentation Ceremony will take place today in Dublin Castle where President McAleese will present them with their awards. Congratulations to both girls on this achievement. 


An outbreak of mumps across the country is affecting students worst. Just 62 cases were reported in the same period in 2008. Young adults, especially those aged between 15-24 were among the worst affected. It is reported that there have been over 800 cases of mumps throughout colleges all over Ireland this year. That’s up from well under 100 hundred at the same time last year.

Mumps is an acute viral illness that causes fever, headache and painful swollen salivary glands. It is spread from person to person by coughing and sneezing. It can also be passed through direct contact with saliva, including kissing. It can be difficult to pinpoint when or where a patient contracted mumps, because the virus can remain in the system without symptoms for up to three weeks.The HSE recommend that if pain or swelling in salivary glands begins, sufferers should remain away from school, college or work for at least five days.

If you are under 25 and have not received either the MMR vaccine or the booster jab then you should avoid contact with anybody that has recently developed swollen glands and mump like symptoms.

The mumps is most infectious during the incubation period which is one week before swollen symptoms begin to show and also one week after symptoms present themselves.

If you have been in contact with an infected person and have not received all of the injections then you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

There are a few things to bear in mind in order to help prevent the further spread of the illness.

  • Remember to inform the receptionist at the doctor’s clinic that you think you may have mumps.
  • Avoid communal areas and close contact with other students.
  • Arrange to stay in your accommodation or go home until the infectious period has passed.
  • If you are staying on campus let people at home know what is going on and ask roomates to shop for you if you need anything.
  • Contact your personal tutor and let him/her know what is going on.


Hello Hello!!

So elections took place last week and what a turn out!! Fair play to all the candidates but obviously there are only a certain number of positions so the people you voted to represent the student body are:


  • President: Orlaith Cunningham
  • Vice President: Alan Murray
  • Sport: Dave Hayes
  • Irish & Culture: Pa Jones & Cormac O'hAmhlain
  • Events: Aoife Lalor & Christopher Keniry
  • Clubs & Societies: Robert Hartigan & Aislinn Sexton
  • Welfare & Equality: Tommy Roddy
  • Post Grad: Shane O'Sullivan

Congrats to all the above!

Aladdin is on this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Halla, all thanks to the MIDAS crew, all the crew and cast have put a lot of blood,sweat and tears into it so go along and show your support! Tickets can be obtained from the SU and are selling fast!

Only 2weeks to Easter Holidays and 4weeks until lectures end so the count is on!

Talk soon!

Le Gra!

Niamh. XxX



Division 2  League Final, Wednesday April 1st in Crinkle, Co. Offaly at 3pm

MICL versus NUI Maynooth

Men’s Freshers Hurling

Division 2  Championship Final, Thursday March 26th in Clonad, Laois

DCU 1-13    MICL 0-11

A two-hour course will be taking place tonight at 7pm in room 206 and will cost 5euro. It will inform the participant on all aspects of presentation from body language to hair care. The main focus of this workshop is to create a positive self-image.  Attention will be given to:

Ø      Presentation Skills

Ø      Self-Esteem

Ø      Make-up

Ø      Clothes and styles to suit all body shapes

Ø      Accessories


Free cosmetic goodie ball for all who attend!

If interested, book your place in health promotion or turn up on the night!


Aer Lingus resumed flights to London Heathrow from Shannon yesterday evening, after the service was withdrawn in a storm of controversy in January 2008. The service will be run twice daily.

There was public and business outcry when the company announced it was transferring the routes to Belfast due to commercial decisions and a campaign was launched within the business and tourism sectors in an attempt to persuade the company to reverse its decision.

This attempt was proved successful in December 2008 when Chief Executive Dermot Mannion announced the resumption of twice daily flights to Heathrow from Shannon from yesterday following pressure from the government.

The first flight, EI 387, touched down at Shannon last night at 8.30pm with 60 passengers onboard -- roughly a third of the capacity of the Airbus A320 jet on the route. But over 100 people flew from Shannon to London on the return leg at 9.10pm. Passengers welcomed the return of the link.

Local representatives are calling on people to support the service which is critical for business and tourism development in the Mid-West.



In an effort to mark Earth Day 2009, the Geography Society in association with UL’s Environmental Committee encourages you to switch off all lights, where possible, this Saturday, March 28th between 2130-2230hrs. For more information on Earth Day 2009, please consult the link below.

Link: http://www.earthday.net/earthday2009


We are looking for the next generation of Charlie Birds to cover the upcoming European Parliament elections in an initiative by Irish Youth Media Development and European Movement Ireland.

Successful candidates will be trained over a two day, highly interactive and hands-on workshop at the Google offices in Dublin on Thursday 30 April and Friday 1 May. Political correspondents, blogging experts, professional cameramen and other media experts will be on hand during the training to guide participants and let them in on all the trick of the trade.

Once participants are geared up with all the tools needed to break a story, they will have full access to press conferences, debates and other campaign events. Participants will also get the chance to have their story published on RTE.ie/Election2009, RTE’s official election website which is expected to receive more than 5 million hits.

So, have you got what it takes to become one of the twenty-five young people aged 18 – 23 that will get a chance to have their say by being trained and supported to cover the campaign trail?

If so, you can download a simple application form by visiting www.europeanmovement.ie or www.iymd.ie. Applying is easy, simple tell us in 300 words or 3 minutes of video why you want to become our eJournalist for the Parliament elections. 

Closing for applications is Friday 10 April.

*IYMD and European Movement Ireland would like to thank RTE.ie, Google, Youth Action Northern Ireland and Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast  for their collaboration in making this project happen. Our thanks also to Leargas for funding such an innovative project.

How about Chicago this summer?

Why not join the Reigning 2008 North American Gaelic Football Champions Aisling Gaels L.G.F.C.

Located just ten minutes from the nightlife of downtown Chicago, this two year old team is looking for Lady footballers who are in it to win and who are out to have a summer you‘ll never forget.
They'd love to help you get settled in Chicago, for more information contact their manager

Marcus Morris: 001 773 842 8464 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check out their website: www.naaislinggaels.com

Despite the current recession, interest in education and training has surged to the highest levels recorded, with over 30% of the population seeking solutions to the employment crisis through education and training , a new survey shows. According to JNIR Internet research, more than 600,000 people used the Internet to search for courses, training and educational research over the past 12 months, making it the second largest category searched online last year. 

The data comes amid increasing concerns about the Government’s funding of the education sector, as a report this month from the National Competitiveness Council outlines the need for Government to maintain funding in education in order to maintain high-value in the Irish economy.

Kevin Branigan of Learning Ireland said: “This latest data underpins the importance that the Irish public place on staying educated and skilled in order to enhance their career prospects in the current economic climate”.

Learning Ireland is the leading provider of information about classes and courses in Ireland and operates The National Education Database, the largest searchable database which provides prospective students about courses at part-time and college levels and it also contains listings of over 40,000 courses from over 2000 providers nationwide. It also operates the www.nightcourses.com, www.gotocollege.ie, www.corporatetraining.ie, www.postgrad.ie and www.learning.ie websites and publishes the leading printed course directories in Ireland.




Cunningham, Orlaith 668 Elected on 7th Count

Healy, Darrell 493

Quaid, Conor 249

Ward, Ann 137

McCallion, Damien 90

Tobin, David 20

Re-Open Nomination 5


Poll: 1330

Quota: 660

Spoils: 12





Murray, Alan 674 Elected on 4th Count

O’ Sullivan, Nicole 630

Cotter, Darragh 217

Fogarty, Davina 144

Abstains 9

Re-Open Nomination 4


Poll: 1330

Quota: 660

Spoils: 12


Irish & Culture


Jones, Patrick & O'hAlmhain, Cormac 944 Elected

Sisk, Emma 281

Re-open Nomination 30

Abstains: 28





Keniry, Christopher & Lalor, Aoife 929 Elected

Re-Open Nomination 282

Abstains 72



Clubs & Societies


Hartigan, Robert & Sexton, Aislinn 1199 Elected

Re-Open Nomination 35

Abstains 49






O Sullivan, Shane 1144 Elected

Re-Open Nomination 78

Abstains 61




Hayes, David 634 Elected

Tracey, Stephen 598

Re-Open Nomination 30

Abstains 21



Equality & Welfare


Roddy, Thomas 716 Elected

Loughnane, David 540

Abstains 17

Re-Open Nomination 10



The Elections for the Students Union Executive Committee for 2009/2010 take place today.. this is your final chance to ensure the candidate you wish to see hold the position for the next year is elected. You can place your votes down the stairs (towards the prefabs) in the library building! The poistions available and the nominees going for them are:


  1. President (Full time sabbatical) Conor Quaid/ Darrell Healy/ Ann Ward/ David Tobin/ Orlaith Cunningham/ Damian McCallion
  2. Vice-President/ Education- Nicole O'Sullivan/ Alan Murray/ Darragh Cotter/ Davina Fogarty
  3. Welfare & Equality- David Loughnane/ Tommy Roddy
  4. Clubs and Societies- Ashlinn Sexton & Robert Hartigan
  5. Gaeilge & Cultúr- Pa Jones & Cormac O' hAmhlain/ Emma Sisk
  6. Post Graduate- Shane O'Sullivan
  7. Entertainments- Aoife Lalor & Christopher Keniry.
  8. Sports- Stephen Treacy/ Dave Hayes

Remember......DO NOT:

Do not take the pens.
Do not ask whos receiving votes or who to vote for as the attendants cannot say
Do not grab the ballot paper, wait until its handed to you.
Do not plead for a ballot paper if you do not have your student ID, no ID no ballot.
Do not suggest people to vote for a candidate at the booth. It's forbidden.

Do vote for the candidate you think is best for the job, not just the one with the best posters.
Do form an orderly line, it makes things easier
Do make your vote quick but accurate, standing around slows down the process.
Do have your student card ready and not have to be asked
Do try and attend hustings!
Do make sure you vote!
If you are not content with the nominations, you may consider the R.O.N option

Best of Luck to all the Candidates!

Hustings takes place this evening in LG9 @ 6pm. For those of you who don't know, hustings is a chance for all election nominees to inform you, the students of what they hope to achieve if elected... Why not go along and ask the nominees questions and hear what they have to say!!

Hit by the global recession and facing a sharp economic downturn in 2009, Finland has announced that it is selling its stake in Santa Claus's home so it's not only students who are being hit hard. 

Finland said it would sell its 32% stake to Santa's Holding Oy, which will also buy shares in the Lapland-based park from the city of Rovaniemi and travel firm Lapin Matkailu Oy to take its stake to 56%.

Finnish national broadcaster YLE said the new owners planned to slash sales and marketing costs at the park, which has struggled financially since opening in 1998, they also planned to raise annual sales to €2m from €1.5m.

Finland said earlier Tuesday it expected a 5% drop in the economy this year, and a contraction of 1.4% in 2010, with growth expected to return only in 2011.

If the new investors plan to cut costs, will the elves be the first to brave the chop? 

To mark last week’s ‘European Action Week Against Racism’ a variety of Intercultural Resources will be on display in the Library Foyer today, Wednesday 25th March from 11am – 4pm.

The display will feature posters for use in the intercultural classroom, a range of dual language texts; examples of intercultural story books and jigsaws as well as some persona dolls. Information as to where to avail of the various resources will be provided. A free copy of ‘One World: Our World’ (a development and intercultural education storybook) will also be available.

Also on display will be ‘Visions of Africa’ Photo Exhibition.

Samplaí d’acmhainní don Seomra Ranga Idirchultúrtha

Chun Seachtain Ghníomhaíochta na hEorpa i gcoinne an Chiníochais a cheiliúradh, beidh réimse acmhainní idirchultúrtha ar taispeáint i bhFáiltiú na Leabharlainne amárach (Dé Céadaoin 25 Márta ó 11r.n. – 4r.n.)

Beidh póstaeir gur féidir a úsáid i seomra ranga idirchultúrtha, réimse téacsanna dé-theangacha; samplaí de leabhair scéalta idirchultúrtha agus de mhíreanna mearaí chomh maith le roinnt bábóga persona sa taispeántas. Cuirfear eolas ar fáil maidir le conas teacht ar an hacmhainní éagsúla. Beidh cóipeanna saor in aisce de ‘One World: Our World’ (leabhar scéalta oideachais forbartha agus idirchultúrtha) ar fáil chomh maith.

Ar taispeáint chomh maith beidh Taispeántas Ghrianghraif ‘Visions of Africa’

The fresh film festival started today. For those of you who don't know, the Fresh Film Fest is an international competitive film festival, which focuses on student and first feature films. In 5 days and with 10 screening venues,the festival aims to provide a wide portrait of contemporary young world cinema and is able to host professional non-public presentations. Up to 200 films with around titles in five competitive sections of the Official Selection are screened during the festival. Special film programs and feature film openings are accompanying the student and first films selection.

Today's HIGHLIGHT is independent filmmaker, advocate of the web 2.0 revolution and self taught animation expert, M dot Strange, who will present his Sundance Film Festival shortlisted feature film of 2007, ‘We Are the Strange’. The screening will be followed by an illustrated lecture on the fascinating animation techniques developed by the filmmaker. Prepare to be awestruck by the M dot’s brainchild, ‘Str8nime’ which we can only describe as a spectacular collision between all the most weird and wonderful in cutting edge animation and the established japenese ‘Anime’ artform. This film and lecture will be a delight to all those interested in advanced special effects and animation techniques.

Come along and support this event! It's on at 5pm in belltable's temporary location down in Cecil Street(between O'Connell Street and Costello's kind of) 

For more information see freshfilmfestival.net

A secret government report disclosed to members of the media is said to predict almost 9,500 jobs which could face the chop in the mid-west as a result of the decision by Dell to close its manufacturing base in Limerick.

This unpublished report prepared by the state’s commercial advisory body, Forfás outlines the impact of the closure on the local economy.The report estimates that 2,510 workers would be made redundant by Dell with the consequent loss of almost 7,000 other jobs as a result of the closure.

Ironically, a working group established last January to prepare the announcement of the Dell closure criticised media reports which suggested up to 10,000 jobs could be lost directly and indirectly in the region.

Last Friday, Dell announced the loss of a 100 jobs in Limerick and a further 130 redundancies in south Dublin and their remaining workers may now be fearing for their jobs too. Another blow, the people of the South West may be forced to face. 

Campbell Catering are looking for 20 students in total who are willing to be part of a focus group. 10 students are needed to take part on Wednesday from 10-10.30 in M3 (the Mount), a further 10 students are needed to take part that same day from 11-11.30. Food will be provided as will spot prizes! So if you're interested in taking part, please just pop into the SU office!

After their wedding, newspaper writers John and Jennifer Grogan move to Florida. In an attempt to stall Jennifer's "biological clock", John gives her a puppy. Marley, a golden retriever is described as a highly-strung, boisterous, and somewhat uncontrolled dog who gains no self-discipline, even with age!

Marley's antics give John rich material for his newspaper column which quickly becomes a hit!  As the Grogans mature and have children of their own, Marley continues to test everyone's patience by acting like the world's most impulsive dog. In my opinion, the film let me down slightly, I presumed it would be better but the ending just about saves it!

Just a quick congratulations to Jamie Nagle who was selected at midfield on the Ulster Bank Rising Allstars Team. The Rising Allstars are selected from the players who play in the Fitzgibbon and Ryan Cup competitions organised by the GAA Higher Education Games Committee. Well Done Jamie!


Men’s Freshers Hurling

Division 2  Championship Final, Thursday March 26th in Clonad, Laois at 2pm

DCU versus MICL

Extra-time if necessary

If Minister Batt O'Keeffe goes ahead with his current plans with re-introducing fees, it could have tragic consequences for incoming students. However the Minister is being urged to consider other options available. One of which is the system currently used in Austrailia.

Under this scheme, students can either pay up front at a reduced rate or start to pay when they graduate and reach a certain income threshold and if they fall below that income, the repayments are suspended. Therefore the average Australian graduate pays off debts within seven years.

The Irish Universities Association favours a variation on this and says that compared with a fee-only system it has a number of advantages such as:

  • No mandatory up-front financial obligation on the student;
  • Repayment of any debt incurred takes account of ability to pay;
  • It shifts the focus of funding away from parents towards the individual student;
  • The average graduate earns much more than the average non-graduate.

So fingers crossed that neither of these systems have to be put in place and we will continue to be educated fee free!


Ireland defeated Wales 17-15 in a game of dramatic and escalating tension at the Millennium Stadium to win their first RBS 6 Nations Grand Slam victory in 61 years. Out-half Ronan O'Gara dropped the winning goal three minutes from time after captain Brian O'Driscoll and right wing Tommy Bowe had scored tries in quick succession to put Ireland 14-6 ahead early in the second half.

Five minutes from time, Welsh fly-half Stephen Jones brought the home fans in the packed stadium to their feet with a dropped goal which soared between the posts to give Wales a one-point margin and take his tally to 15.

But Ireland were not to be denied. They surged back into the Welsh half, set up the ruck and O'Gara, gesturing frantically for the ball, dropped the most important goal of his illustrious career.

Ireland were a different side after the break and the captain finally barged over for his fourth try of the tournament after a series of pick and drives.

Two minutes later Tommy Bowe, raced on to a deft O'Gara kick to seize the ball and race between the posts to score. Jones had one last chance to redeem the season for Wales, but his effort from just inside the Ireland half fell short and Ireland were at last able to taste Grand Slam champagne.

Around 18,000 fans streamed into Dublin yesterday to welcome Ireland's rugby team home at a homecoming celebration for the team at the Mansion House. Coach Declan Kidney told fans it had been a great journey for the team in recent weeks.

Once again, I must ask that students park their vehicles legally. We've had numerous complaints regarding students parking in resident's parking, on people's property etc... so please, just park in appropriate places and ensure your vehicle is not causing an obstruction...

Any person who has the symptoms of the Winter Vomiting Bug, please either telephone the medical centre on 061 204343 or telephone your own doctor.

Please do not physically come into college, the Winter Vomiting Bug is highly contagious and so to prevent it spreading, please DO NOT enter college for at least 48 hours after your symptoms have ceased.

Also, please clean your apartments, wash sheets, open windows and give it a good spring clean, it is the only way of freeing the campus from the illness. 



If you are sick with vomiting or diahorrea, you should stay at home in bed and not be tempted to struggle on at work, college etc. Please stay at home until all symptoms have passed. While ill, drink plenty of clear fluids, and eat little.

It is vital that everyone washes their hands thoroughly with soap and water (hands should also be dried thoroughly):Before:·         Preparing or serving food.·         Eating meals.·         Leaving the house.After:·         Going to the toilet.·         Dealing with sick people.·         Handling their clothes or bedding.·         Contact with sick room equipment.·         Changing a baby’s nappy.·         Preparing foodFood and food areas: Consideration must be given to disposing of any food that the ill person may have prepared whilst symptomatic. If the food is about to be cooked and served hot it should be safe but salads and other cold dishes have a risk of carrying the virus.If the person has vomited in the food handling area then this must be cleaned up (see below) and all horizontal surfaces washed with detergent and hot water and then sanitised using a proprietary cleaner. Edible items such as fresh fruit may have become contaminated by virus if they were close to the area where the person vomited.  They should be washed in running water or thrown away as a precaution.No-one should prepare or handle food for others until they have been free of symptoms for at least 48 hours.Enhanced handwashing should be maintained for a period well after illness has passed.


Hi Everybody!!

Hope you all enjoyed Paddy's Day, the parades and of course, the sunshine!! So what's next you ask? The elections of course! Since we were off last week, the elections have been postponed which gives the candidates even more time to plead for votes and you, the voters, more time to think about who you would like to fill those positions.So use your vote wisely!!

I hope you all enjoyed the Arts & Ed Ball, Seachtain na Gaeilge and Des Bishop! The sun is out and the count down is officially on!! Easter break is only 3weeks away and lectures finish in 5weeks so final years....make the most of your time!! I'll keep it short and sweet... enjoy the sun!!

Le Gra,



As Mary I was closed last week, the Elections have been postponed for one week. Therefore, hustings will take place next Wednesday the 25th at 6pm in LG9 and Elections will take place Thursday the 26th from 9am- 6pm in the Library building. Results will be posted Friday morning the 27th of March at 9am. All nominees will be contacted by the returning officer and you have from then until the elections close Thursday evening to look for all your votes!! Best of Luck to all the candidates!

Week 7 Results

Ladies Football

Lynch Cup Quarter Final, Thursday March 12th in Grangegorman

DCU 3-06  MICL 1-09



OVER 60,000 people from across the Mid West attended the biggest ever St Patrick's Day Parade to be held in Limerick City. The spectators were greeted by a cloudless sky and were entertained by more than 3,000 participants who marched along the parade route.
Grand Marshal, Emma O'Driscoll, received a rapturous reception from the crowds as did the first ever Junior Marshal, six-year-old Cian Casey from Castleconnell.

Amongst the highlights of this year's parade was the participation of hundreds of rugby fans from clubs across the city in a special "red army" section of the parade. Parade organiser, Fran O'Donnell, said the massive event thankfully went off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, thousands of other people attended St Patrick's Day parades which took place in towns and villages across the country.
Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day to all!!


Only students who have been on campus since Tuesday please do not go on TP tomorrow.

Please check your college e-mail for further information.

All academic assignments will be accepted on Wednesday.



Winter Vomitting Bug Leaflet 


Only students who have been on campus since Tuesday please do not go on TP tomorrow.

Please check your college e-mail for further information.

All academic assignments will be accepted on Wednesday.



Ladies Football

Lynch Cup Quarter Final, Thursday March 12th in Grangegorman at 2.00pm

DCU versus MICL






Men’s Junior Hurling


Munster Third Level Colleges Junior Hurling League, Tuesday 3rd March in MICL at 2.00pm

MICL 3-07 UCC 2-04


Men’s Senior Hurling

Ryan Cup Semi Final, Friday March 6th in Na Fianna, Dublin

MICL 0-13 I.T. Tralee 1-08


Ryan Cup Final, Saturday March 7th in Clan na Gael, Dublin

MICL 1-12 UUJ 1-05



Saturday's Report: The following day MIC were up against a physical UUJ side in this years final. MIC were confident going into the final even though they were forced to make some changes to the semi final team. Ciaran O Donovan came in for the injured Darragh Egan, and Brendan Maher moved up to centre forward, a switch that proved crucial in the end.The game was played in very windy conditions meaning both sides hit some efforts wide of the goal.

Brendan Maher took over free taking duties and got off to a great start. UUJ responded with scores of their own and half way into the half, they were awarded a 21 yard free. The ball was hit with power and accuracy and it managed to squeeze its way into the MIC goal. This was an early setback for the Limerick team but they did not let their heads drop. MIC responded with a long range free from Shane McGrath, who was playing superbly at the deeper role of centre back. MIC were back in the game and after Seamus Hannon broke through the centre of the defence he left fly with a fine effort.

The UUJ keeper saved well but when attempting to rise the sliotar he accidently hand passed the ball into his own net. A real calamity from the keeper but the green flag was raised. Maher was marshalling the UUJ star player excellently and was in fact winning that battle. The half ended on a sour note when energetic corner back David Maloney cleared his lines, he was shouldered late and suffered a broken jaw. The UUJ centre forward was only shown a yellow. MIC took a 3 point lead at the break with a score of 1-5 to 1-2.

The second half saw UUJ go all out for their scores and got 2 early points. After this onslaught, the MIC defence led by an inspirational performance by Pat Holland would only concede a further point. Brendan Maher added another free with Jamie Nagle scoring 2 frees of his own. Another late hit by the UJJ centre forward on James O Sullivan saw him receive his marching orders. The game was fiercely contested before this but MUIC’s opponents heads dropped after this.

They had one final attempt to level the game but a double save on the line from a 21 yard free from Alan Murnane and Shane O Neill kept them at bay. Brendan added another fantastic but the score of the game came right at the death. MIC were making their extra man count and after brilliantly plucking the ball from the sky, Jamie Nagle hit a ball, heavily under pressure, and it bisected the posts.

70 yards out and that was his 4th of the game. MIC were out of reach from the opponents and the referee’s final whistle brought joy and celebration for the Limerick side. They were the better team throughout and won with a score of 1-12 to 1-05. Captain Shane O Neill, excellent in both games, accepted the Ryan Cup and the celebration continues. Brendan Maher was named man of the match.  

MIC Team: Alan Murnane, David Maloney, Kevin Moran, Bobby O Connor, Pat Holland, Shane McGrath(0-1), Shane O Neill, Seamus Hannon(1-0), Jamie Nagle(0-4), James O Sullivan, Brendan Maher(0-5), Martin Whelan, Colm Madden(0-1), Ciaran O Donovan(0-1), Eoin BuckleyH




Fridays Report:

On this Friday evening, MIC took on I.T. Tralee in the semi final of the Ryan Cup. It was believed that the winner of this semi would go on to win the tournament. Played in Na Fianna’s ground, Dublin, MIC got off to a poor start. They looked sluggish on the ball and conceded 2 early points. IT’s speed in the full forward line looked to be given them trouble but Kevin Moran led his defence wonderfully and began cutting out any potential scoring opportunities for his opponents.

Jamie Nagle and Shane McGrath were competing heroically in the middle of the park and it was only a matter of time before MIC got on the scoreboard. Full forward Darragh Egan got his first of his ten points with a handy free. In fact he was MIC’s only scorer in the first half. The half ended 5 points to 3 for the side from Limerick.

It could have been more had it not been from 2 fantastic saves from the IT Tralee keeper, both at point blank range. Manager Eamonn Cregan encouraged his team at half time, knowing they had more to give. Points were exchanged early but it seemed that Tralee’s ill discipline was costing them Darragh Egan was slotting any chance he got and taking any hit from an IT defender. MIC opened up a lead from points from speedy corner forward Colm Madden and inter county star Shane McGrath and looked to have settled the game.

But on a defence splitting break from the IT centre forward, he put his corner forward through on goal and he blasted the sliotar into the bottom corner. MIC reacted superbly to the score, immediately hitting back with a Darragh Egan point. In the dying minutes, Egan added another score and MIC held on for the victory with a score of 13 points to 1-08. The victory came at a price though as Egan was hit with the but of a hurley late on, breaking his thumb. Still, MIC advanced to meet University Jordanstown in the final. 

MIC Team: Alan Murnane, David Maloney, Kevin Moran, Bobby O Connor, Pat Holland, Brendan Maher, Shane O Neill, Jamie Nagle, Shane McGrath(0-2), James O Sullivan, Seamus Hannon, Martin Whelan, Colm Madden(0-1), Darragh Egan(0-10), Eoin Buckley



There have been a number of students who were sick  following the Ball on Friday 6th March. 

The HSE investigation has confirmed that there are seven individual cases of Norovirus (Winter Vomiting Bug) amongst the students.

Despite the fact that no new cases of the virus have been presented since Tuesday, the College, in consultation with the HSE, has taken the decision to implement effective control measures, including the suspension of all College activities, to facilitate the intensive cleaning & sanitisation of the college campus so as to prevent a secondary introduction of the virus.

Contrary to recent speculation these incidents are not connected to the recent Students Union Ball which was held at the South Court Hotel last Friday night.

The College and Student Union expressed their gratitude to the HSE for the swift and professional manner in which they dealt with this matter and thanked them for their advice and assistance over the past few days.

Mary Immaculate College will remain closed for all student activities until Wednesday the 18th of March. 


To view the HSE leaflet on Norovirus (Winter Vomiting Bug) click here

The One World Society would like to thank all of those who participated in the Fair Trade Table Quiz at Clohessy's Bar. A total of €350 was raised between the entry fee and raffle. All of the money raised will be goin to Limerick Fair Trade City.

Here are the winners of the Quiz....


First Prize 

Ailish Hodnett

Robert Hartigan

Garwan Cummins

Laura Holland

Second Prize

Sharon Manifold

Maeve Sullivan

Phil McLoughlin

Laura O'Connell


Third Prize

Maurice Ryan 

Marian Meehan

Marissa O' Sé

Justin Fitzgerald

We have been inundated with complaints and questions regarding parking in Mary I and Limerick in general. Therefore, a member of the Garda Traffic Corp will be on campus on Monday the 9th to answer any questions you have. He will be in the Student Lounge at 10am and all are welcome.

The new 12 month USA Intern Work Programme (IWT) agreed between the governments of Ireland and the United States is now open for applications through USIT. The programme gives you an opportunity to work for a year in a field related to your studies and allows you the flexibility to search for that position after you arrive in the US. Be sure to read the terms and conditions relating to this aspect of the programme before you apply! In addition, it is important that you carefully read the details regarding what you must do when you get to the US and obtain a position. You need to carefully and fully comply with the regulations.

This programme allows a flexible way to find work once you arrive in the US. To apply, you must be 18 years or over and the holder of an Irish Passport and you must either be a current full time student or recent graduate (within 12 months of graduation)

You must get this formed stamped from your college and submit completed form with supporting documentation to Usit with the following fees.  Please read the terms and conditions on the form for more information.

  • 12 months Work USA Programme Fee  €699
  • 12 months comprehensive Work & Travel Insurance  €300
  • SEVIS €180
  • Flights  - you must book your flights through any USIT branch or via the USIT call centre.
For more information or to obtain an application form, call into your local USIT office or check out www.usit.ie

The Mary I Hurlers will be braving the capital this weekend when they go to represent Mary I in this Year's Ryan Cup. They have a match Friday and if they win, they will be through to Saturday's Final. So from all in Mary I, Best of Luck!!

The Rose of Tralee is once again coming around. Do you think you could be Limerick Rose for 2009? The first thing you should do is contact the Rose Centre who will provide you with all the help and advice you need.

There are several criteria that each Rose representing a centre in the final must meet, and your centre will be able to give you more details of these.

Roses are chosen by centres throughout the world including Australia, Dubai, the USA, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the UK and of course Ireland. Entrants are initially nominated by local businesses or organisations and take part in local heats to find one person who will represent the centre in the final.

Judges consider many different attributes of the Rose including, in the words of William Mulchinock's song The Rose of Tralee, an indefinable quality that captures "the truth in her eyes". The Rose of Tralee International Festival celebrates modern young women in terms of their aspirations, ambitions, intellect, social responsibility and Irish heritage.

For further information, contact Niamh Cooke at 087-7499394 (Limerick Rose Co-Ordinator) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more details on the Rose of Tralee, check out www.roseoftralee.ie 

The search is on for 50 Escorts to take part in the Escort of the Year Competition at the 2009 Rose of Tralee International Festival and one of you Mary I men could be just what their looking for! 

Escort Job Description 

This year's Escorts will have the enviable job of escorting the stunning and talented young women competing in this year's Rose of Tralee International Festival in August (21st-26th) to a host of events including the Rose Ball, the Rose Parade, gala receptions and functions...and Rose Selection itself.

Escort Requirements 

Young, free and single during the third week of August 2009! An Escort must be unattached (but not afraid of commitment), a complete gentleman (but a wicked sense of humour), well mannered (but with a touch of the devil). But above all, he must know how to treat a lady.

Escort Application: 

If this sounds like you (or someone you know), then here's how to apply for the job: simply log onto www.roseoftralee.ie and download an application form or telephone 066 712 1322. Closing date for the receipt of application and non-refundable application fee of €25 is Thursday 21st of May 2009.



The 26th Annual College Entrepreneurs of the Year Awards are just around the corner once again. For anyone who isn't aware of what they are, the event is sponsored jointly by Enterprise Ireland, Invest Northern Ireland and Cruickshanks and they offer third level students across Ireland the chance to compete for the title and win a share in the incredible prize fund totalling €50,000 cash and Mentor Support.

The awards scheme is open to all students from all academic disciplines and courses of study.  Regardless of what course you study, if you're a third level student with a business idea that you think has commercial potential, then this competition is for you.

Like the television phenomenon Dragons Den, all you need to do is use your powers of persuasion and demonstrate to the judges that your business idea is viable, well thought out and well researched and you're on your way! The closing date for receipt of entries is Wednesday 22nd April 2009. For more info, check out the website http://www.enterprise-ireland.com/StudentAwards09 or click read more!

Most of us woke this morning to a beautiful white blanket of snow as Limerick experienced heavy snowfalls overnight and further falls this morning. However, snow does have it's downfalls (excuse the pun!), it has made many roads in the County impassable and traffic in the city has been forced to slow down as a result.

AA Roadwatch has said road temperatures are as low -3C and some areas are deteriorating and motorists nationwide are being advised to take extra care and allow more time for their journeys. So just a friendly warning, student drivers please take extreme care in these conditions. Also, pedestrians, please be cautious when walking as footpaths and roads are extremely wet and sludgy!

But most importantly..... enjoy the snow!



MIC’s junior hurlers got off to a perfect start in this seasons league campaign with victory over an organised UCC side. The game was held in the Mary Immaculate's sport grounds but heavy rainfall meant muddy hurling was in store. MIC got off to a slow start and on UCC’s caught them out with a quick attack from the throw in which resulted in a 3 pointer. This was quickly followed by a well taken point but MIC began to respond.

Philip O Neil got his full back line functioning and captain Diarmuid O Driscoll was cutting out any potential counter from the opposition. MIC raised a green flag in a matter of minutes. A long ball pucked into the full forward line was skillfully flicked on by Olan Murray leaving the UCC keeper powerless to stop the sliotar float into the top corner.

Dan Kelly, playing at wing forward began to get the better of his marker and after cutting through threw the centre of defence, he confidently bisected the posts with the ball. He would add 2 extra points through frees before the half was out. Eoin Hanrahan, the lively corner forward would get his name on the scoresheet right before the end of the half. He showed great agility in turning his marker and placed the ball in the opposite corner. The half finished  with the home team leading by 4 points.

But again MIC started slowly. An early high ball in on the UCC forward line, was flicked on by the corner leaving Stephen Fleming in goal helpless on the line. This would be the end of UCC’s scores for the game. The scrappy and mucky conditions made the match stop start and the game couldn’y get any flowidity to it. The game continued to be fiercely contested at the breakdown with Tomas Horgan and Paul O Sullivan starring in the centre of the pitch.

MIC added points through Dan Kelly and Kevin Prendergast, now at full forward got himself a goal. He shot on the turn and thankfully for him, the UCC keeper failed to deal with the high ball and he fumbled it into his own net. Right at the death of the game, Prendergast would add a point from the penalty spot to give Mary Immaculate victory.

MIC team: Stephen Fleming, Barry Toomey, Philip O Neil, Tiernan Murray, Diarmuid O Driscoll (C), Paidi O Dwyer, Cathal Dooley, Tomas Horgan, Paul O Sullivan, Tommy Bourke, Ken Prendergast(1-1), Dan Kelly(0-5), Eoin Hanrahan(1-1), Olan Murray(1-0), Chris Horan, Stephen Silke    

According to a new Irish Independent/Millward Brown IMS poll, a staggering 58pc of adults do not think fees should be reintroduced. Only a fifth (21pc) believe they should be brought back; 17pc say "it depends" and the remainder are in the "don't know" category.

    Fees were abolished more than a decade ago, but Mr O'Keeffe has made clear his desire to see students paying for at least some part of their third-level education which would clearly prevent many Irish students from attending college due to financial difficulties and which we must prevent being put in place.

    These results are a positive find as they portray the views of the general public on this topic and will hopefully give the Minister pause for thought in his shocking attempts to make poor students pay for the mishaps of the Government.

    The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted in 1948 clearly states in article 26 that "Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit. …" and in Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights, "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." So remember... fight for what you believe in and more importantly, what you deserve.. because it's your right to!


Men’s Junior Hurling

Munster Third Level Colleges Junior Hurling League, Tuesday 3rd March in MICL at 2.00pm

MICL(2) versus UCC(3)


Men’s Senior Hurling

Ryan Cup Semi Final, Friday March 6th in Clan na Gael, Dublin at 2.30pm

MICL versus I.T. Tralee


Ryan Cup Final, Saturday March 7th in Clan na Gael, Dublin at 2.00pm

UUJ/NUI Maynooth versus MICL/ITT

Ladies Football

Lynch Cup 1st Round proper, Monday February 23rd in MICL

MICL 6-15 NUI Galway 2-03


Men’s Fresher Hurling

Division 2 Championship Semi-final, Monday February 23rd in Rathbane

MICL 4-20 IT Tralee 3-11


Men’s Senior Hurling

Ryan Cup Quarter Final, Wednesday February 25th in Mullingar Shamrocks

MICL 0-25 Queen’s University 3-09


Ladies Football

Donaghy Cup Quarter Final, Wednesday February 25th in Belfield, Dublin

MICL(2)  2-10 UCD(3) 4-09


Men’s Senior Football

Trench Cup Semi Final, Friday February 27th in Cork IT

MICL 4-08 John Moore’s, Liverpool 1-12


Trench Cup Final, Saturday February 28th in Cork IT

St. Patrick’s College 0-12  MICL 0-07

A second year B.Ed student, Jennifer Foley will be volunteering with SERVE in Thailand for six weeks in July/August '09. There will be five projects taking place in Thailand this year and they are as follows:


  • Orphanage Support-children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Bangkok
  • Education Programme
  • Education and Development Programme for women involved in Protitution-Good Shepherds Fountain of Life Centre in Pattaya
  • Income Generation Project in the North of Thailand
  • Chiang Rai-Informal education with hill tribe

In week seven Jennifer will be starting her fundraising campaign. Her goal is to raise €3000+ and her main idea to raise this money is to collect just €1 from each Mary I Citizen. €1 in Thailand is equal to one main evening meal. In week seven, Jennifer will be walking around the college and into some of the lectures to raise this money. She would appreciate all the support possible so dig deep into those pockets!


Seactain na Gaeilge 2009 commences today, March 2nd and will continue until March 17th.. Seachtain na Gaeilge is an action packed week with fun events to promote the use of our native language.. Below is a few of the events which will be taking place in college so go along and check them out..Enjoy the week!

De- Luain

  • Fíbíní Cleamhnai(Speed Dating)will take place in Scotts Bar @ 9

De Mairt

  • John Spillane and Lóchrainn will be playing in the Halla @ 8
  • A Trad Disco will take place in Trinity Rooms, with special guest Hector Ó hEochagáin

De Céadaoin
  • Cleamhnas (Blind Date) will take place in the Lounge @ 8 , presented by Spin's very own Emily Anne Rennisson.. DON'T MISS IT!!
  • Traid Factor will take place in Dolans @ 9

Traid Factor is Mary I's very own answer to X-Factor! Various lecturers around the college have spent the past two weeks learning how to play a traditional instrument and will show their new talent in front of an audience in Dolans!
  • Ceili na Seachtaine- Doland @ 10.30

Every RBS Six Nations game holds great significance, but when England came to Croke Park with Ireland chasing a Grand Slam dream, the pressure was firmly on. Thankfully, Brian O'Driscoll led from the front to keep Ireland on course for a first Slam since 1948 by scoring eight points in a nail biting affair. The man of the match scored the first try of the game, having already landed a 30-metre drop-goal, to put Ireland 11-3 ahead going into the final quarter.

The low scores on the scoreboard were a clear indication of the determination by both defenses to bring this one home. This was Ireland's third straight win but for England defeat meant a second consecutive loss after a 23-15 reverse against Wales. A grand slam was at stake for the Irish but pride was clearly at stake for the English. 

O'Gara who had a shocking game, missing every chance possible made it third time lucky when he opened the scoring in the 28th minute after England were offside at a ruck. But just when it seemed Ireland would turn round with a slender lead, England equalised. The first-half ended with Ireland dominating territory and possession, level at 3-3 after a penalty apiece from O'Gara and Flood.

England again didn't help themselves by playing 20 minutes of the match, including the final 10, a man down after sin-binnings for prop Phil Vickery and replacement Danny Care took their yellow card count to 10 in four matches and it was now when Ireland needed to take advantage of the situation.

In the 79th minute, Ireland threw away possession as Tindall broke forward and the try seemed effortless for them. The conversion made it a one point game. Ireland 14-13 England

There was time for one more play but a forward pass thankfully ended the game.

O'Gara was seriously off-form, missing a possible 17 points but Ireland survived thanks to man of the match, Brian O'Driscoll. The man of the match seemed relieved with the slight victory the Irish took saying 'we'd take a one point win over England any day'.

Full time: Ireland 14-13 England