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5 things you need to know about Mary I Exams

  • Exam Timetable: When it’s released, check it and make sure that all your modules are on it and that none of your modules clash. If you spot a problem, tell the SU or Student Services ASAP.
    Click here to find your exam timetable:http://www.mic.ul.ie/adminservices/studentservices/Pages/examtimetables.aspx
  • Timetable updates: Please keep an eye on exam timetable updates. If there are any changes, MISU will let students know via this website, Facebook and twitter. You don’t want to miss an exam because you never checked the updated timetable – we have seen it happen!
  • ID card: If you lose it, you’ll have to get a new one from Student Services which will set you back €15. If you don’t have your ID card you won’t be allowed sit the exam.
  • SIT DOWN: You can’t leave for the first or last 30mins of the exam.
  • Missed exams: If you miss an exam, contact Student Services ASAP.




Click here to download reviewing form


  • Reviewing scripts gives students a chance to look over their examined work and see how they were marked in different areas. Some students may decide that, having reviewed their script, they would like to recheck their result.
  • The deadline for viewing is published each semester, along with the link to view your scripts and will be available on the Student Services website.






Click here to download recheck form:


  • If you are not happy with your grade and want to get it re-graded, you must complete the Grade Recheck form. This has to be completed and returned to Student Services within two weeks of the official release of exam results.
  • Your module lecturer will recheck the grade and return the form to Student Services who will let you know the result.
  • It costs €25 (€50 for Teaching Practice and FYP) to recheck your results.  You get this back if your grade goes up (your grade can also go down as well as up). 



If you’re still not happy you can appeal the recheck. This involves another form including a more detailed rationale for why your assigned grade is unfair and it is also more expensive. This time, the Head of Department will carry out the appeal. They will then let Student Services know who in turn will tell you the outcome.


Do I have to repeat something?

F, NG and I grades MUST be repeated.

D1 and D2 can be repeated but it’s optional if your QCA for the semester is over 2.00.

­You will be capped at a C3 in your repeats



I failed. Now what?

REPEATS! Repeat exams usually take place during the last week of August.

You can only repeat a maximum of 4 modules out of the two semesters.

  • If a student has only completed one semester in the academic year then they can only repeat a max of 2 modules.
  • Only grades lower than a C3 may be repeated i.e. D1, D2, F, NG, ’I’.
  • All modules other than ‘I Grades’ are capped at a C3 which means you can’t get higher than C3. ‘I’ Grades are uncapped.
  • If you do have to repeat an exam, you’ll have to pay a fee of €172 per exam. This will all be outlined in a letter you’ll receive from Student Services telling you about the repeats.


For more information, contact MISU Vice-President / Academic Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Students Services.