What is the SU
Welcome to Mary I Students' Union
Giving you a voice, helping you to use it
Enriching your college experience!


“Giving you a voice, helping you to use it, enriching your college experience”


Mary I Students’ Union (MISU) is the representative body of students within Mary I. MISU aims to stand up and if necessary, fight for the rights of its members. Students are represented by the elected Mary I Students’ Union Executive Committee Officers. The Union is administered by the General Manager, Administrative Assistant and Accounts Technician.

The Constitution of MISU, Mary I Students' Union, is a binding document passed by referendum of the students of Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. It outlines the functions and objectives of the Students' Union. It indicates how goals should be achieved and how the Union is governed. A copy of the Constituion can be downloaded or viewed here

 MISU Office

 The SU’s main aims are to: 

  • Give students a say in their own student/college life
  • Protect and represent students in academic and non-academic matters
  • Create a positive college experience for students
  • Help new students integrate into college life
  • Facilitate extra-curricular activities for students


MISU works to achieve these aims by: 

  • Working together with all college departments to ensure that key relationships are developed and maintained
  • Providing assistance, information, services, guidance, security and entertainments for the student population
  • Providing the best possible balance between academic and social experiences
  • Being an approachable and welcoming point of contact for students, even if it’s just for a chat!
  • Encouraging increased student participation in extra-curricular activities


Every student within Mary I is automatically a member of the SU when they enter Mary I, so make sure we hear your voice and you get involved!

The MISU Office is the HQ of the Students’ Union and is located on the ground floor of the TARA Building. The Students’ Union President and Vice- President are based here.  The office is the place to go with all your queries, questions, problems or comments. We’ll be more than happy to help and if we can’t we’ll point you in the right direction